Soils: The Foundation of FoxFarm


FoxFarm Microbrewed Fertilizers and Soil Mixes:

FoxFarm is passionate about producing the finest soil mixes, fertilizers, and micro-brewed liquid plant foods. Formulas are greenhouse tested to ensure quality and consistency. FoxFarm takes great pride in delivering uncompromising quality and supreme customer service.


About Us:

FoxFarm was born and raised in Humboldt County in the early 80’s out of a desire to offer a different kind of garden soil that was not sterilized in any way. At that time, most soils were designed to be free of soil microbes, but we knew they were the key to giving life to plants — from the ground up.

My gratitude to Humboldt County has never wavered. FoxFarm grew out of the cultural movement of the seventies that had us coming together as a people and a community. Humboldt County has allowed us to blossom into a national and internationally recognized company.

We are proud to provide amazing gardening products for Humboldt County, our Nation, and the World.

FoxFarm Willy,

Founder & CEO of FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company