History of our Logo

Sparetime opened our doors in 1983, but we didn’t have a logo until 1993. Before then we were just known as Sparetime. Mike Griggs Sr was known in this day as Temple; named from the rat in Charlotte’s Web. Through a series of events (that’s whole different story) he went from Temple to Mike the Rat. His grandkids call him Ratpa to this day!

Sr., being the fun-spirited man he is, started handing out rat pins to the children coming into the store. Wanting to keep with his ‘rat’ theme, Mike Sr. contacted Amy Goode, the owner of a local stamp shop, for a rat stamp. She had a friend draw up the infamous rat! From that moment on, the rat became the first and official mascot of Sparetime Supply!

By 1995, the rat was growing in popularity and there was a need to digitalize the rat to put it on printed material. Thus became the simple black and white rat with Sparetime above and Supply below.

The rat was scaring the kids with his scruffy body and quizzical look. So, we spruced him up with a bit less hair, a smiling face and some color!

Years after, the infamous, fat-bottomed rat was again in need of some sprucing! We turned him around to show his good side, added some color and green foliage to the rat’s hands to showcase the industry we had come to love and help grow!

In 2015, we hosted our first annual Summer Expo! In celebration of the inaugural Expo we decided a revamp of our logo was needed. In honor of Mike Sr.’s wife, Dianne who passed in 2007, we placed her favorite yellow flowers in the arms of and surrounding Mike the Rat.

Now, we’re in 2017, and the industry is changing and growing at an exponential rate. We have grown from a small mom and pop shop to a large distributor servicing the Western United States and beyond. We have worked hard to develop a logo that honors our past and looks to the future. A tree was the perfect symbol. It shows we are rooted in our history and the morals that guide us, but we are also reaching for the future. We added Distribution to our logo to make it clear we are here to serve retailers, not only in NorCal, but all over the Western United States. We are bringing small-town customer service to wholesale garden supply!

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